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Roofing Insurance Claims Erie, PA

If your roof has been damaged from bad weather, or if you have a roof that was built a very long time ago, you may be eligible to file a claim to cover a majority of the cost to get it repaired or replaced.

Usually, a claim is filed when a roof needs a major repair or needs to be replaced completely. If it is a minor repair, those costs are usually covered completely by the homeowner.

How a Roofing Claim Works

If you need a completely new roof or have a major repair that’s needed, you are allowed to file a claim to have the costs covered by your insurance company. The claim process is done through a series of steps that end with your insurance company footing the bill for the needed repairs. For both residential and commercial roof fixes, the process looks similar to the following:

Begin by calling your insurance company. Once you give them information on the roof damage, and that it was found by one of Tampa Bay Roofers experts, you can ask for another inspection from your insurance company. Both you and your insurance company would need to come together to find a time for the appointment.

Let us know when the claims representative comes to do their inspection and if you would like us present. We will be able to help show them the damage where repairs are necessary and make sure that you get the claim that you deserve.

Once their inspection has come to an end, they should be able to determine an estimate for the cost of repair for your roof. At this point you will already have a quote from us, and the claim adjuster should have something similar. This should allow for you to get the money you deserve from your insurance company.

Once your insurance company gives the okay on your claim, you should be messaged later with an approval for the amount the adjuster estimated to cover the cost of your roof repair or replacement.

At that point, you will file the needed paperwork with your insurance company as well as any necessary building permits. We can help you with the filling of this paperwork so that the repairs that you need can get start as soon as possible.