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At Erie Professional Roofers we have a great team with the capability of performing siding installation as well. Vinyl has become a more and more popular choice for many homeowners installing new siding. This is because vinyl is built to last, has great durability, and strong weather performance. 

Vinyl lasts longer than every other siding material aside from brick or rock and it withstands sun, wind, rain, hail while also never needing to be repainted. Vinyl siding also gives you versatility in how the aesthetic of your home looks. You can choose from modern vinyl designs to more rustic and aged designs.

Some important things to know about vinyl siding are gauge, molded wood grain, and how it’s sold. Gauge is the thickness of the vinyl panel. The higher the gauge the better and more durable the panel. Vinyl siding can also be made with different types of molded wood grains to offer different types of aesthetics. Finally, vinyl siding is sold by the square foot just as shingles are. 

There are also other siding options if you’re not interested in vinyl. Other siding options include fiber cement siding, cedar siding, insulated siding, insulation backed siding, and wood siding. 

Whichever siding option you choose to go with, it is best to consider all the factors regarding your home. This includes architectural style, the environmental conditions typical in your area, and your budget. No matter what we here at Erie Professional Roofers can do what is best for you so don’t hesitate to give us a call or visit our contact page!

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