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Storm Damage & Leaks Erie, PA

Storm damage can actually be pretty common, but commonality aside it will still surprise homeowners! It also seems that storm damage will pop up at the worst possible time when you are super busy dealing with other things. Erie Professional Roofers want to assure you that we can provide you with the proper help that you need in order to manage any storm damages issues promptly and efficiently.

Signs of Storm Damage

The first sign of storm damage and the easiest to spot out is with your shingles. Missing shingles are obvious but you also should want to pay attention to any dents or damage to shingles that are still attached to your roof. 

Other signs include missing flashing along the edges of your roof and where your roof meets objects such as your chimney, vents, or skylights, loose sealant along these same areas as well as any clear water damage in your attic or ceiling.

What We Offer

Storm Damage Repair in Erie, Pennsylvania. We address storm damage in any form with efficiency and reliability. Our goal is to get your home back to its old self as quickly as possible!

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Erie Professional Roofers are the best leak repairers in the entire Erie area! If your roof at home or at work has sprung a leak, give us a call or email and you will be right on your way to having your roof fixed up quickly and effectively. Leaks are one of the most common things to occur for a damaged roof. While some are large and easy to spot, it can be difficult to locate leaks to someone who isn’t trained in roofing repair. Leaks can be caused by a variety of things. High storm winds for instance can cause your roof material to lift up and allow moisture to get into your home.

Other ways a roof can be damaged causing a leak include animals, snow, tree branches, hail, and other forms of nature that can cause openings in your roof’s material. Leaks are a serious issue when it comes to your home overall. Having rain or snow get through your roof can cause damage to items within your home and the underside of your roof. It seems like a small issue at first, but once moisture begins to invade your home, everything starts to snowball.

If the protective layer on the underside of your roof were to be damaged, there is a chance that a large part of your roofing system would need to be replaced. The warping that is caused by moisture entering the roof underlay can make a simple leak turn into a money-hungry problem for your home. Other issues include mold, which is can potentially be harmful to both you and your family. Once the leak has gotten through your roof, it will then head to your attic.

Thanks to its location, attics are a great spot for mold to grow. If it goes unnoticed, this can greatly damage everything in your home. If mold begins to grow within your home, more specialists, more time, and more money will be needed in order to get the mold out of your home. The toxic spores that come along with mold can be a dangerous thing to deal with. Once it spreads into your home, mold costs money and time to get rid of. That doesn’t sound nice does it? Fix the leak before this can become a problem for your home and your family.

Overall, leaks can go from a small little issue to a major problem taking up time and money. Instead of letting a leak persist, give our experts a call to do a quick and free inspection so that you can worry less about your roof and continue with your daily life.

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